Download: Rothsay Ready By Grade Three Initiative


Vision of Rothsay School System

  • By working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect we can accomplish our mission and enjoy a quality of life acceptable to all.

Mission of Rothsay School System

  • To educate our students to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

The Rothsay School District Goals

  • The student’s education will be the primary goal of our education team composed of parents, staff, students, administration, and board members.
  • Be financially responsible and accountable to the citizens of Rothsay Public School System.
  • Develop Rothsay’s facilities for today and tomorrow.

Reviewed and approved by ISD #850 Board of Education July 17, 2001

What is the Read by Three Initiative?

  • MN Statute 120B.12 was approved by the MN Legislature to ensure that each school district in the state has a plan in place to have every child reading at or above grade level no later than at the end of grade 3.
  • The school district literacy plan must include a process to:
    • Assess students’ level of reading proficiency
    • Notify and involve parents
    • Intervene with students who are not reading at or above grade level, and
    • Identify and meet staff development needs.
  • The district must post its literacy plan on the official school district Web site.