Rothsay Public Schools Recognized as State Reward Schools

Reward School

Due to the approval of the Minnesota’s No Child Left Behind waiver request by the U.S. Department of Education, public schools in Minnesota are now graded on a new system of school recognition, accountability and support. In the past, schools were judged simply by the percentage of students who passed and those who did not. Schools in Minnesota will now follow the new system of measuring schools called the Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR). Using data from previous years, the state will calculate the MMR for all schools receiving Title I funding. From this calculation, schools may be placed into one of three categories, which are Reward, Focus and Priority Schools. MMR measures proficiency, student growth, achievement gap reduction, and graduation rates. Schools earn points in each category. The percentage of possible points that a school earns is the school’s MMR.

Multiple Measurement Trends
Rothsay Elementary School 2010-2012


The Rothsay School District are proud to announce that both our Elementary and Secondary schools are considered Reward Schools. This designation is the highest-performing 15% of Title I schools in the state. Our elementary scored a 98.79% and our secondary scored 97.04%.

Multiple Measurement Trends
Rothsay Secondary School 2010-2012